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Latest Designs


Elephant design in wool.

  • 14 and 18 mesh canvas.
  • Frame size 16in.

Price £65.00 each or £100 for a pair (£30 discount) if ordered together.

Available in Red or Blue or the pair.

(please state when ordering)

Needlepoint Arthur Designs from All Stitched Up

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Border Circuits

Mixed threads.

  • 14 mesh canvas
  • 12in frame needed

Price £55.00

Four standard schemes - (Note Scheme III not available to buy yet)

(please state when ordering)

Scheme I

Needlepoint Border Circuits Design

Scheme II

Scheme IV

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Mixed Threads

Illustrations show Schemes I, II and III

  • Canvas 14 mesh
  • Frame size 14 inches

Price: £65.00

Three standard Schemes

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Scheme I

Errington Needlepoint Design Scheme 1

Scheme II

Errington Needlepoint Design Scheme 2

Scheme III

Errington Needlepoint Design Scheme 3

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